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For us, family means everything! The values that we built MaxiMarc Winery on are the same ones that we grew up with, and we pass on to our children: respect, commitment, selflessness, and a touch of madness!

It all started from Gheorghe Cosma’s nostalgic feelings about when he would help out in the family vineyard as a young boy, harvesting the grapes.

We love Maderat and the fruits that this place has to offer! It's the reason why we did everything we could to plant local varieties, harvest them at the right time, choose the best bunches, and be able to fill the bottle with the authentic Maderat taste.

Gheorghe is the one all family members gravitate around. His energy inspires goodwill, his vision encourages new experiences to innovate and understand the grapes and the wine. And nevertheless to respect the local tradition. 

Alongside Gheorghe, work his son-in-law, Marius, and his nephew, George. They are both ambitious and have learned to believe in the values on which we have built the MaxiMarc winery.

Our future is just as beautiful and full of energy! George is as determined, ambitious, and in love with Maderat as his grandfather and father.

The name of the winery is inspired by George’s children's names, Maximilian and Marc. We chose to use the children’s names because they are MaxiMarc’s Winery’s guarantee to keep the same vision for the future. The other little one of the family, Sofia, gives the name of the brand Castei Sofia.

The story behind the slogan – „Where dreams become wines” – comes from an idea belonging to Marius, who dreamt of owning 15 rows of vines to make his own wine. 

MaxiMarc winery is the place where dreams turn into wines.